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Tumbler Dryer

The tumble dryer or heavy duty tumble dryer is used to dry wet particulate matter by indirect heat transfer. In the process, the particulates roll gently in a folding motion due to gravity. These heavy duty tumble dryers have the potential to produce a finally dry mix rather than dry cake. Drying occurs at a reasonable rate at relatively low temperature.

Manual Tumble Dryer

Manual Tumble Dryer
Manual Tumble Dryer
Designed for continuous operation, heavy operation, heavy duty and to suit customer requirement. Choice of steam or thermion fluid heating models available. Special air flow design ensure maximum usage of heat.

Inner Drum
Fabricated from stainless steel perforated sheets of AIST 16/14 SWG 304 quality designed for easy flow of air, finished smooth inside with lifters for tumbling of load.

Outer Drum
Fabricated from mild steel sheets duly insulated to minimize lose of heat and carries the heating system. Air exhaust system, self-cleaning lint trap, drives and controls.

Heating System
Electrical, Gas, Steam or thermic fluid heating system is provided as per customer requirement. The heater with the combination of unique airflow across the drum length ensure maximum and quick drying. Turbo charging the fresh air system.


Controls and operating panels are mounted on the machine on the machine and includes the necessary controls for smooth and safe operation of machine. Control includes automatic forward/reverse adjustable rotation of the inner drum-drying timer. Cooling timer are provided.
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Automatic Tilting Tumbler Dryer

Heavy Duty Tumble Dryer
Technical Details of Tumbler Dryer

Model TSR- 1 TSR-2 TSR-3 TSR-4 TSR-5
Capac1ty (D.w.) 35 [Kg.] 72 [Kg.] 115 [Kg.] 160 [Kg.] 200 [Kg.]
No. of Garments (800gm) 25 50 70 120 150
Inner Dia 1015 mm 1220 mm 1320 mm 1525 mm. 1900mm
Inner Length 765 mm 1045 mm 1200 mm 1320 mm 1500mm
Inner Speed 24RPM 24RPM 24RPM 24RPM 24RPM
Drive Motor 1 . 5HP 2HP 3HP 5HP . 7.5HP.
Exhaust Fan Motor 1 . 5HP 3HP 5HP 2HPX2 3X2
Steam Inlet 20mm 25mm 25mm 30mm 30 X 2
Steam Pressure 5Kg/cm 5Kg/cm 5Kg/cm 5 Kg/cm 5 Kg/cm
Condensate Outlet 15mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 25mm
Overall Length 1475mm 1580mm 1980mm 2100mm 2280mm
Overall Width 1120mm 1420mm 1500mm 1750mm 1930mm
Overall Height 1675mm 2170mm 2000mm 2580mm 2900mm
Electicity Supply 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 C/S Ac. Supply

* The Technical Data is Approximate and can be Changed without Notice

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Automatic Heavy Duty Tumble Dryer

Automatic Heavy Duty Tumble Dryer

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